Q-1 What is Multi Factor Authentication for Windows Desktop ?

Multi Factor Authentication is an additional security feature for your Windows Machines that is designed to prevent anyone from accessing your computer, even if they know your password.It is a method of authentication that requires more than one verification method and adds a critical second layer of security to user sign-ins.
It requires you to verify your identity using first factor i.e your username and password and second or more of the following verification factors which only you knows or you have.

  • Something you know (typically a username and password)
  • Something you have (a trusted device that is not easily duplicated, Your USB Disk , Your phone)
  • Your Email address, Your Configured Questions
  • Q-2 Why should I use Multi Factor Authentication ?

    Your Laptop/PC/Servers is the key to many things you do on a day to day basis. It's important that only you have the ability to access your device, update your device, access the data you store . CionMFA is a feature you can use to keep your personal information as secure as possible.

    Cion Multi-Factor Authentication is an easy to use, scalable, and reliable solution that provides a second method of authentication to protect your windows machines.

    Q-3 How do I set up Multi Factor Authentication?

    • Sign in to MFA Portal and register yourself with your computer name and user name
    • Set up your Security Question and Answer for second factor authentication
    • Sign in to your MFA Portal account and download the free installer and install on your Laptop/PC and get started.

    Q-4 How does it work?

    After you sign in, you can securely access your System. With both your username password 1st factor and the 2nd factor as USB Disk , OTP Pin send to your mobile or email, In case of failure in any of the two factors , access to your account will be denied.

    Q-5 How to store the offline key on my USB Disk?

    During Installation You'll be prompted to store the offline Key in your USB Disk. Once you attach the USB disk Offline key get stored in the attach USB disk. Use your USB Disk to regain access to your PC.

    Q-6 Do I still need to remember any security questions?

    It is optional to remember any security questions as you have other 2nd factors available, Your identity is verified exclusively using your user name password 1st Factor, USB Disk , OTP Pin sent to your trusted mobile phone or Email address 2nd Factors.

    Q-7 What if I lost my USB Disk?

    If you ever lost your USB Disk, you can attach a new USB Disk and create new offline key from your MFA tray which appears on the task bar. After you create a new key, your old offline Key won't work. For more details you can refer to the help file.

    Q-8 What if I forget my MFA password?

    You can reset your password from your MFA Portal page by providing your user name and MFA portal password.
    You can also contact MFA Support , they can reset your password .

    Q-9 What if I my MFA account gets locked?

    You can Unlock your account from your MFA Portal page by providing your user name and MFA portal password.
    You can also contact MFA Support , they can unlock your account .

    Q-10 What's the True Cost of Multifactor Authentication?

    It’s a free download after registering on the MFA portal.

    Q-11 Which countries is MFA available in?

    MFA is currently available in USA , CANADA and INDIA. When additional countries are added, will update in the website home page.

    Q-13 Can I use my own system name\user name while registering in MFA portal?

    Yes you can use your own system name\user name but it should be exactly same as you Laptop / PC name and user

    Q-14 Do I need to have same User Name in MFA portal as my Laptop / PC?

    Yes , You should have same PC Name and UserName while registering in MFA Portal

    Q-15 Do I need to have same password in MFA portal as my Laptop /PC Password?

    No It can be anything, MFA needs only Your user name which is System Name \ User Name

    Q-16 Does MFA work with domain Systems?

    MFA works with only workgroup based system.

    If you have domain and need solution then download Trial ESSP from the website